No.1 SSP in Japan

With high–tech advantage, Geniee is one of the leading Supply Side Platform (SSP) in Asia and has won the No.1 market share of Japan in 6 years of establishment in Japan. Over 5000 Asia Publishers have been joining our SSP network.

IPO on the TOKYO Stock Exchange

Thanks to the support of all our stakeholders, in December 2017, Geniee has listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market with over 350 million USD valuation. That is a great motivation for our sustainable development to achieve even greater things from now.

Expanding to the Asian market

Starting overseas expansion from the third year of founding, we now have 05 branches in 05 SEA countries: Japan (Parent company), Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia.



With the success from media solution business in  Japan, we (“GENIEE INTERNATIONAL GROUP”) have established and accelerated localization in each country: Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia, providing clients with our cutting-edge Ad technology and Marketing technology solution business. Our subsidiaries include:

  • CATS, Inc. (Japan)
  • JAPAN AI, Inc. (Japan)
  • Geniee International Pte., Ltd. (Singapore)
  • Geniee Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Vietnam)
  • PT. Geniee Technology Indonesia (Indonesia)
  • PT. Adstars Media Pariwara (Indonesia)
  • Zelto, Inc. (USA)
  • AdPushup Software India Pvt Ltd. (India)

We focus on the unique strengths to maximize customers value:
1: The Professionals who know the regional market well
2: High-quality products made in Japan
3: Knowledge proved by the success in Japan


Youth driven
Geniee International Group is a youth driven and energetic company with full of challenging spirit.

Think independently. Work responsibly
We respect the responsible independency. Geniee International Group consists of many bottom up proposals from staffs, such as new business challenges, new company rules and new organization structure.

Work World Wide
We have a great sense of connection between branches, and always work worldwide. Geniee’s employees are always expected a higher career level. One who has the ability to meet the need is given many opportunities to work on the world stage.


We use cutting-edge technology to achieve success with clients and create new values

Geniee International Group has the leading digital marketing consulting services, technologies and the vision to lead the industry in the APAC markets.

We’ve stood for client success enablement for a decade, from Advertising to Marketing SFA/CRM (Salesforce Automation and Customer Relation Management).

We believe the KSF (Key Success Factor) is our Human Capital. Our leadership team is committed to investing more in talent acquisition, employee relations and career development to make GENIEE a Great Place To Work for all employees and their families.

Tomoaki Kudo

President and CEO, Geniee Inc.,

Shunsuke Kawasaki

 Director, Member of the Board
Geniee International

Tran Huy Cuong (Max)

General Manager, Global SSP and Google service

Motoki Chiba

Manager, Finance and Accounting

Nguyen Quynh Anh (Alexis)

Manager, Corporate Planning/Legal/HR

Doan Huong Lan ( Francesca)

Manager, Offshore Business

Vuong Nguyen Quynh Anh (Liz)

Manager, Global Advertising Operations

Nguyen Thanh Long (Ryu)

Manager, Research and Development